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Streamlining Field Service Excellence

Our work for Birdseye

  • Improved visibility into client's properties and assets.
  • Streamlined scheduling of technicians for recurring or ad-hoc maintenance.
  • Document management for equipment and assets.

About Birdseye

Birdseye, an acclaimed architectural design and construction firm, operating from the heart of Richmond, Vermont. Their proficiency extends beyond architecture to incorporate woodworking and metalwork of superior quality, showcasing deep-rooted expertise and experience. Birdseye also offers comprehensive site development and landscape construction solutions, underlining their commitment to delivering high-quality and industry-specific solutions.

Birdseye has been partnering with Aerie since 2018 to design and build business applications that streamline work processes for its employees.



The Challenge

Birdseye was using Excel files that tracked a client’s assets and maintenance schedule as well as DropBox to manage the documentation for their clients. Work orders were managed manually and led to inefficiency and miscommunication. A centralized repository of client information and work order management did not exist.

Birdseye dispatchers were having issues managing their recurring work orders and getting timely responses to their property’s requests. Birdseye field technicians needed a way of tracking their client’s assets and previous maintenance so they could fix issues that arose faster. They also had a request to be able to access their property data offline, as many properties are in areas with no cell service.

The Solution

Aerie, with its extensive experience and expertise in implementing Microsoft products, was engaged by Birdseye to address their operational inefficiencies.

To tackle these issues, Aerie introduced Dynamics Field Service, a Microsoft solution designed to optimize the entire workflow from scheduling to invoice. This solution provided Birdseye with a centralized repository for all client information and work order management, eliminating the need for multiple, disconnected platforms. With this new system in place, Birdseye dispatchers found it much easier to manage recurring work orders and respond to property requests in a timely manner.

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The implementation of Dynamics Field Service also brought about significant improvements in the visibility of client's properties and assets for Birdseye. The field technicians could now track client's assets and previous maintenance schedules with ease, allowing them to resolve arising issues faster. In addition, the solution offered offline access to property data, a feature that was particularly beneficial for properties located in areas with no cell service. This meant that technicians could access crucial information anytime, anywhere, further enhancing their ability to provide swift and efficient service.

The results of Aerie's work were impressive: Streamlined scheduling of technicians for both recurring and ad-hoc maintenance, improved document management for equipment and assets, and enhanced visibility into client's properties and assets. Birdseye's field service operations were transformed, demonstrating the power of customized solutions built on Microsoft technologies.


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