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How Microsoft is Harnessing the Power of AI

From improving existing products to innovative (and ethical!) solutions, Microsoft is at the forefront of harnessing AI for the greater good.

The internet is buzzing these days with the talk of ChatGPT, a new revelation in chatbot technology that can answer just about any question or request in clear language. Whether you are searching for the answer to a complex mathematical problem, or simply want help drafting a note to a neighbor with a barking dog, this chatbot has the world inspired by this latest and greatest AI technology.

While ChatGPT seems to have taken the world by storm, other tech companies are finding inventive ways to incorporate this type of technology into daily operations. Microsoft, in particular, has made moves to embrace this new era of artificial intelligence to increase user productivity. Here are some of the ways Microsoft products are using this new technology to serve your business every day.


Enhanced Search Engines

Microsoft is using artificial intelligence in a variety of ways to improve and enhance existing products and services. A prime example is Azure Cognitive Search, one of the only cloud search services with built-in AI-centered capabilities.

This Microsoft search engine has the capacity to learn and improve its results, providing users with the right type of content, right when they need it. Additionally, these learning techniques also work to understand user intent and offer the most relevant content possible, saving the user time when searching for the answers that are most applicable to their specific needs.

Increased Security

Microsoft is using AI to improve the security and reliability of its products and services by developing algorithms that can detect and mitigate cyber threats.

Microsoft’s AI is focused on targeting human-operated ransomware attacks. Specialized machine learning solutions help detect threats sooner, so you can focus on running your firm with confidence.

Improved Supply Chain Processes

With the use of advanced Azure AI models, Microsoft can predict supply constraints, shortages, and more, improving the efficiency of its manufacturing processes and supply chain management.

Additionally, having a thorough grasp of supply chain networks can help companies of all sizes predict sellouts and prevent overstocking. Not only does this use of AI help the manufacturing process flow better, but it also allows for happier customers, cost savings, and the predictability necessary for any growing business.

New Solutions Focused on Innovation

For many years, artificial intelligence seemed a far-fetched idea reserved only for giant conglomerates or Silicon Valley masterminds. But recent advances have shown that AI is making its mark and can impact our world as a whole in a wide variety of innovative ways. No longer is AI a tool for only those with cutting-edge technology, but Microsoft’s AI-centered products are proof that the tool can be used to increase your productivity, no matter the size of your business or your industry.

Perhaps the latest and greatest in the innovative field is Microsoft’s use of AI In the healthcare industry. New technology is allowing AI to analyze medical images and data to assist with diagnoses and develop new treatments. While these services are still working in progress, it does add an air of excitement to the possibilities and benefits for the future of AI.

Ethical Intelligence

Along with increased productivity, Microsoft has made a commitment to Responsible AI principles. While AI may be a tool for the future, the company holds fast to principles that put people first and maintains that ethical AI governance is a critical part of future innovation.  

Fairness, inclusiveness, transparency, and privacy are just a few of these guiding principles that help advance the future of tech while prioritizing any company’s most valuable resource: the employees and human capital that make up a firm.

Aerie: Integrating Transformational AI into Your Operations

At Aerie, we are proud to help our customers incorporate AI-based solutions that help our clients save both time and money. From automating routine tasks to improved customer service and enhanced collaboration, we make AI useful and accessible to your unique business needs.

If you have questions about how artificial intelligence can impact your daily operations, reach out. We look forward to helping you uncover the power of machine learning. 




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