Find New Opportunities for Growth with Dynamics 365

A successful enterprise depends on building strong relationships with customers.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps you convert those relationships into revenue by bringing customer intelligence, workplace processes, and your team’s skills together in one place.

Unlike other CRMs, Dynamics 365 helps you harness insights from multiple sources, including data from powerful apps your teams use in Office 365. This helps your employees maximize efficiency while delivering a highly personalized experience to every customer.

Optimize Your Processes

Dynamics 365 helps you grow at a pace that makes sense for your business. We will set up your platform to accelerate goal achievement today, with the flexibility to expand as your needs change:

  • Sales - Focus on prospects most likely to buy, and reduce client acquisition costs.
  • Customer Service - Empower your staff with fast access to information, enabling them to work proactively and deliver more consistent service.
  • Finance & Operations - Get predictive insights with real-time data, helping your organization stay ahead of the competition.
  • Project Service Automation - Create and maintain outstanding relationships with clients using smart automation services and collaboration tools.

Increase Productivity

Never miss out on an opportunity again.

With Dynamics 365, you have fast access to tools for end-to-end business management, and you can work anywhere on any device. Generating real-time reports, tracking performance, and building relationships – you can do it all from one responsive, cloud-based app.


Expected Outcomes:

Process optimization for faster goal achievement
Improved insight into customer needs
Fast, accurate tracking of key performance metrics
Staff ability to make future customizations to the platform

Aerie Consulting will help your organization succeed by aligning Dynamics 365 with your objectives, simplifying processes, and improving the customer experience.

Our instructional workshops will help you get the most out of your platform today, while creating a path for future growth.