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Our work for
Landmark College



  • Transparency in student profiles and activity from onboarding to alumni
  • Digital transformation from paper forms to online forms for student enrollment
  • Administrative oversight into applicant status

About Landmark College

Landmark College is unique in its mission of helping students with learning disabilities develop strategies for lifelong learning. Landmark supports and guides its students as they become strong, independent, confident learners. Landmark has partnered with Aerie since 2011 to design and build business applications that streamline how students, faculty, and administrators work with one another on campus.


The Challenge

For many U.S. colleges and universities today, the various processes from application through enrollment to graduation have become loaded down with a high volume of forms, paperwork, and record keeping. Landmark College’s Admissions, Housing, Residential Life, and Financial Aid departments wanted to simplify the whole process, to make it both easier for students to navigate and more effective and useful for the college.

The Solution

Aerie led administrative and technical teams at Landmark College through a requirements analysis process that defined how a high-functioning student onboarding solution should look. Working with stakeholders across the college departments, Aerie mapped out the targets for project success, such as reducing incomplete enrollments, streamlining paperwork, and integrating with Landmark’s core ERP (enterprise resource planning) system for student success.

Working within Office 365 and the Microsoft framework of tools, Aerie developed an online portal that allows all accepted students to log in and complete their enrollment paperwork online. The portal provides visual identifiers to students, so they can easily understand their progression through the process and can track the status of their enrollment. The streamlined user interface improved the experience for prospective and newly enrolled students, while reducing the volume of incomplete paperwork for the college.

The online portal also gives Landmark employees better visibility into the student enrollment process, and allows them to use analytical tools like Power BI to prevent issues with enrollment before they happen. Activity on the portal, now closely integrated with the college’s student ERP system, provides administrators with real-time visibility into enrollment numbers and projections.


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“They were extremely thorough with understanding our needs. They presented a design they thought we needed — and nailed it. Aerie came on site, met with each individual group, talked about their needs, and set their expectations. When they came back, they had a solution that addressed all of it.”

Deb WilsonSenior Database and Applications Analyst

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