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Solution Engineer, Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional)

“I realized that I enjoyed the feeling of solving complex problems and seeing how I got there. I like really understanding what I’m doing from the inside out.”


Even though he manages our offices in Boulder, Colorado, Beau's heart will always be in Vermont. He grew up a fifth generation Vermonter in Grand Isle, and has spent most of his life in the Green Mountain State (with the occasional trip to a nice warm beach now and again). 

Computers have also always been a part of his life and he even remembers playing card games on an old DOS machine with its big floppy drive.

Since his stepfather worked for IBM, Beau knew about software development from an early age but he didn’t see it as a career option for himself until he landed at University of Vermont as a sophomore. There, he recalls, “I realized that I enjoyed the feeling of solving complex problems and seeing how I got there. I like really understanding what I’m doing from the inside out.” He even found time, between being a record-winning decathlete and captain of the track team, to co-found a student-led computer science support program called CSCrew offering free tutoring to undergraduates.

Since then, Beau's professional curiosity and passion for technology has taken off, making him one of the most valued members of our solution team. He enjoys the challenge of working with and around the framework of SharePoint to deliver solutions that work for clients—whatever that might take. “I’m very inquisitive and ask lots of questions. I always want to know why does it work that way and how does it work that way,” Beau reflects. “I enjoy seeing how productive a business can be because of a well-crafted solution we deliver.”

In the fall of 2017, Beau won Microsoft’s prestigious MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award for outstanding work in the “Office Servers and Services” category. This is an incredible achievement, placing him in an elite group of true experts in the tech community. He has direct access to Microsoft's development team, giving him the chance to submit feedback and get answers from the creators of ground-breaking business platforms. He also gets advance knowledge of new developments on the horizon for Office 365. 

Beau is a prolific blogger and a dedicated forum moderator, sharing best practices about SharePoint Online, Office 365, Power BI, and other Microsoft platforms. Look for his posts here on the Aerie Consulting blog!

Education and training:

  • B.S. in Computer Science and Information Systems, an interdisciplinary program combining Computer Science and Business Administration, from University of Vermont (2011).
  • Skills & proficiencies include: Sitecore 7 Certified, Microsoft Certified Partner, Critical Path Training (Developer), React, AngularJS, KnockoutJS, NET MVC, C#, SQL Server

The fun stuff:

  • Still runs but is on decathlon hiatus
  • Enjoys time boating and is a self-described “car fanatic”
  • Appreciates the food and drink scene in Winooski and Burlington when he comes home to visit



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