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Success Story | Revision Military


“SharePoint can be a bear. But with a partner like Aerie Consulting, you can tame it.”

Revision Military is a protective solutions company for military and law enforcement personnel. They needed a solution to help employees collaborate across multiple locations. After completing an internal needs assessment, Revision chose SharePoint and Aerie Consulting for their portal and collaboration needs.



“SharePoint was a no-brainer in terms of selecting an intranet platform, but Aerie really made the solution come alive for us,” said Marketing Manager Jamie Brandon. “They set themselves apart right away by their approach to problem solving. They were willing to really embed themselves in our business. In the end, they didn’t just build a platform; they created a process that helps us grow. That process continues today.”


Internal communication is vital with any business, and the folks at Revision Military know that as well as any other. With four locations in three countries, their company was already very successful, but their employees needed help sharing ideas and streamlining their workflow. 

Managing documents, improving team collaboration, and keeping employees informed about company business were huge priorities. They also wanted a virtual space where ideas could spread and cross-pollinate, a place that felt as familiar and comfortable to an employee as the company break room. They asked Aerie to create a system that would enhance the culture, as well as help people do their jobs.

Solution & Results

The result was a company branded intranet, a SharePoint central hub where every employee could train, work, and collaborate. Depending less on email to do their jobs, people now have time to take initiative on their own. 

“We feel like a more unified organization. Things sprout up on SharePoint we didn’t see before. People start projects on their own. They get to a certain point, and Aerie helps them refine the process and get the most out of the tool.”

Jamie Brandon
Marketing Manager 

“We feel like a more unified organization,” said Brandon. “Things sprout up on SharePoint we didn’t see before.  People start projects on their own. They get to a certain point, and Aerie helps them refine the process and get the most out of the tool.”

What impressed Revision Military the most about Aerie Consulting was their transparent, collaborative approach and willingness to learn the unique culture of the company. They worked closely with finance, human resources, marketing and IT departments, listening to their feedback and tweaking the platform to meet their individual needs.

“We invite the folks at Aerie back all the time,” said Brandon. “We like to work interdependently with our vendors. Many agencies won’t do that, but Aerie is always willing to help our employees learn and get more out of SharePoint. They’ve enabled our people to work smarter and grow professionally. We see evidence of it every day. What more could you ask for?”

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