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Enterprise Software Architect

We pride ourselves on building partnerships with people who are the best at what they do, and Paul Swider is a prime example.

An accomplished developer long before SharePoint hit the world stage, Paul graduated from the University of Hawaii and traveled the world, working on various programming projects and speaking to communities about Microsoft software.

Back then, Paul was working on early versions of Access, and when .Net and Visual Studio came out, he got into enterprise development. His favorite project was helping a team at Dartmouth write an electronic medical record, which the hospital used for nearly 15 years.

When Paul first heard about SharePoint, it changed his career forever. “It really saved me,” he said. “I was bored with coding, and it allowed me to discover some new horizons.”

He started working with business and IT teams, coming up with the best ways to deploy the platform, map certain features, and solve problems. When Microsoft introduced Office 365, Paul became one of the most widely respected and well known SharePoint consultants in the world.

As the years passed, Paul started hearing more and more about a talented Microsoft partner called Aerie Consulting. Curiosity got the better of him, and he reached out to Dave Fisher and Dan Sonneborn. The rest is history. “We hit it off instantly,” he said. “We wasted no time digging into some big projects, and it has grown from there.”

As Chief Technology Officer, Paul is instrumental in picking apart complex challenges and piecing together technology that solves them. It’s a skill that serves him well. He is a passionate about delivering better healthcare systems and processes to communities across the globe.

No matter what he is working on, Paul delivers relentless creativity, enthusiasm, and expertise to every project. You will see it in the results we deliver.