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Knowledge Center | Office 365 Discounts

Save Up To 20% on Office 365

Discounted pricing on Office applications and cloud services


As a cloud solution provider and Microsoft partner, Aerie Consulting offers exclusive discounts on Office 365 and Azure, saving you up to 20% on your annual license cost. 

Already an Office 365 customer?
Don't wait for your subscription to end!

Our automated white glove service will transition you to lower cost licensing without impacting your users or reassigning licenses.

Aerie Consulting can help your businesses grow.

    • Streamline and simplify your cloud projects with our consulting services.

    • Address your needs quickly and efficiently.

    • Increase business efficiency and enhance your competitive advantage.

    • Transition your company to Office 365 or Azure services with no disruptions to the existing environment.

We have all Office 365 products available. If you are looking for an Office 365 SKU not listed here, call us at 868-982-4502 x112 for more information.

Fill out this form to find out how much you can save when you purchase your Office 365 licensing from Aerie Consulting. 

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