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Support Technician

It’s a good thing Liam Shannon thrives on solving problems. As our dedicated support technician, he faces down every challenge our clients throw at him. From resetting passwords and managing accounts in Office 365, to fixing bugs and escalating tickets – Liam does it all.?

“I love talking to customers and digging into tech challenges,” he says. “Testing different solutions and trying different things – that’s a big draw for me.”

Growing up in Vermont’s remote Northeast Kingdom, Liam’s relationship with technology was born out of necessity, when his love for gaming outpaced the capabilities of his PC. “Bringing a computer to a support shop meant driving a long way,” he said. “It was a strong incentive to figure out how to do things on my own.”

He figured out how to upgrade his video card, and he was hooked for life. Today, his home office is littered with PCs he has pulled apart, much to his wife’s chagrin. “What can I say? I’m ‘projecty,’” he said with a shrug. “I like to take stuff apart and learn from it.”

Technology is not his only passion, though. Liam is also a successful DJ, acrobat, and break dancer! After seeing the iconic hip-hop movie Beat Street from the mid-1980s, young Liam knew he had found the perfect outlet for his limitless energy and natural gift for movement. He and his brother recorded the movie on VHS and practiced the dances until the two of them were good enough for public performances in Boston in New York. Their hard work paid off in 2011-2012 when a cruise line hired them on to entertain guests.

Since then, Liam has hung up his breakin sneakers to focus on tech consulting full-time, and we couldn’t be happier to have him on the team. Let’s see how those fancy moves help him during a cut-throat ping pong match!