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Director of Operations

"Figuring out what a client needs and then working hard to craft a solution and handing that off to them."


With a father in the military, Josh moved around quite a bit before his family settled in Vermont. For his generation, computers have always been a part of their lives, a tool to be used like any other, but Josh also values more old-fashioned tools and appreciates the practical, hands-on experience and perspective he gained while working construction in high school.

He discovered “an affinity” for figuring out how to best use technology tools in his first job out of college working in human resources for Helen Porter Healthcare in Middlebury. Although he was not officially in the information technology department there—or at his next job in the healthcare segment—Josh found himself drawn to those kind of projects, teaching himself how to use SharePoint and helping his employers make the most of its capabilities.

As a basketball player and also a former coach, Josh understands the value of teamwork and very much appreciates the strengths and different perspectives brought by each member of a project team. He believes his broad education in business and years spent in the healthcare sector help him not only to quickly grasp the basics of client operations but also to “step back and see how I can best help them with their business.” Josh enjoys nothing more than “figuring out what a client needs and then working hard to craft a solution and handing that off to them,” he says.

That sense of determination has worked well for him. In December, 2017, Josh was named Director of Operations at Aerie Consulting. In his new role, he will examine company processes, and implement systems to boost efficiency and maximize client satisfaction. 

Education and training:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration with a Major in Professional Accounting and Minor in Management Information Systems from Bellevue University, Nebraska (2013)
  • Master of Business Administration and Graduate Certificate in Advanced Management from Champlain College (2017)

The fun stuff:

  • Enjoys hiking and snowshoeing with his two dogs
  • Planning to visit one new major city in a different part of the country each year to get to know the U.S. better



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