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Partner Program Manager

"Our partner program is a great opportunity to engage each partner in the process and to make each feel like part of the greater vision of working with clients"


Jen has been singing since high school, among other creative collaborations, including raising her four sons with her husband. She works collaboratively on projects with her husband, while also independently pursuing a career as a music teacher and school musical production director. She knows how to coordinate the many threads that come together to bring a creative project to life.

Jen, who grew up the daughter of professional musicians and educators, was accompanying her opera singer father on piano by the time she was in middle school. “He was relentless,” she says with a smile, “There was no stopping. I learned to keep up.” Jen also worked for many years for FranklinCovey, the multinational company known originally for its daybook planning systems before it expanded into overall business performance improvement, giving her insights into the kind of resource optimization Aerie delivers to its clients through customized, branded SharePoint solutions.

Education and Training:

  • Jen Allred: Weber State University, Ogden, UT (1991-1995)

The fun stuff:

  • Music is a joyful part of daily life in the Allred household.
  • Jen and her family love to participate in community events in their home town of Bristol, from the July 4 parade to the annual harvest festival.