A succinct and on point analysis of what the guys and gals who ‘get it’ are doing when it comes to mobile design.
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Gray Matter |  Vol. VI  |  July 2015
2015 Mobile Design Trends |  Opinionated Software | O365 Adds Powershell and Skype for Business | 2015 Internet Tends Report | BYOA!




Opinionated Software: The Evolution of Saas (8 min)

This is a really interesting post by those smart folks at Made By Many. If you haven’t noticed, we’re fans…. This jumped off the screen for us at Aerie since we share a similar worldview, in that the things that we develop for clients should be customizable enough for them to fit unique business needs, but structured enough that they guide users via best practices. Easier said than done, but a noble pursuit nonetheless. It’s worth the 8 minutes…

“ Opinionated Software is a software product that believes a certain way of approaching a business process is inherently better and provides software crafted around that approach. 

Five Big Mobile Design Trends of 2015 (7 min)

A succinct and on point analysis of what the guys and gals who ‘get it’ are doing when it comes to mobile design. If you have 7 minutes give it a read… if not the five trends are: Subtle Color Palettes; Animated Elements; More Scrolling; Storytelling; Blurred Backgrounds. But, you should still read it.


Microsoft Adds PowerShell, Skype for Business to Office 365 (3 min)

Another day and another slew of features added to Office 365. All just for you. For those of you with the honor of playing admin to Office 365, the introduction of Powershell for Office 365 may make your life a bit easier. And the unveiling of Skype for Business as part of O365, well…. that’s awesome for everyone.

“ PowerShell for Office 365, brings a CLE (command line environment) to system administrators that are eager to automate repetitive administrative tasks or want to access capabilities not present in Office 365 Admin Center. 

2015 Internet Trends Report (1 hour)

Straight from the “Queen of the Net” herself Mary Meeker, here it is – the 20th Annual Internet Trends report. If you’ve never taken the right of passage that is an hour long perusal of one of these voluminous reports… you should. This is easily one of the most anticipated pieces of insight and trend analysis referenced by virtually the entire Silicon Valley VC contingent. Crack open a refreshing beverage and dig in. You’ll be glad you did.

Employee Knowledge / Training - 2015 Intranet Trends Report

Finding Your Way With BYOA (3 min)

A very quick read but a topic that is also near and dear to our heart... BYOA. Bring Your Own App is the next “BYO_” on the doorstep. As the author Koos du Preez explains, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when, and you best get in front of it with a governance strategy rooted in everything we’ve learned from BYOD.

“ We should always try to meet workers technologically where they are. But everyone must understand that it’s all in service of something bigger: giving workers both the freedom and the mandate to find the best and most innovative solutions to business problems. 


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