3 Questions to Help You Determine the Microsoft Licenses Your Company Needs

Posted by Dave Fisher on 09.26.22

For over 30 years, Microsoft has offered groundbreaking software products to help your company function with ease and efficiency. From day-to-day internal communication to marketing product development, the right Microsoft products help promote your company’s productivity, increase your bottom line, and keep your employees, processes, and systems prepared for sustainable growth. 


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3 Benefits of SharePoint That Every Business Owner Should Know

Posted by Brooke Appe on 09.20.22

Whether SharePoint is an old friend or the cool new kid in your workspace, chances are you have spent some time navigating its features. But before you dismiss the platform as “just another sharing platform” take a look at some of the benefits of SharePoint that you may not have encountered yet. 

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3 Ways to Use Power BI to Help Maximize Your Bottom Line

Posted by Dave Fisher on 09.12.22

As a decision maker at your firm, maximizing your bottom line is always the top priority. But to achieve that goal, your company is going to need to effectively analyze data and share information across departments.  Microsoft’s Business Intelligence (BI) software has been used by companies for as long as computers have been in the workplace, but new advancements allow individuals to integrate data into their decision-making process better than ever before. 

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Why Smart Companies Choose Microsoft Over Google for Maximizing Productivity

Posted by Dave Fisher on 09.06.22

Choosing the type of software your company will use is a huge decision. Not only will these products influence your day-to-day operations, but they will also impact your company’s most valuable resource: employees. Whether we like it or not, the right software can make or break employee productivity.  

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The Most Popular Questions our Managed Cloud Help Desk is Asked

Posted by Brooke Appe on 08.29.22

It’s no secret! Managed cloud services have a lot of capabilities, (and with it comes a lot to learn!) After all, your focus should be on growing your business, not learning the ins and outs of your software capabilities! Whether you are familiar with excellent managed cloud services that help your team utilize Microsoft products or are just starting to dig into what applications maximize productivity at your firm, our goal is to increase your awareness of what these products can do for you. 

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How to Know Your Company is Ready for Managed Cloud Services

Posted by Dave Fisher on 08.05.22

For most business owners, your days are filled with ensuring your customers are happy, maximizing growth, and promoting your bottom line. That leaves little time (or mental space) for ensuring you are getting the most out of your Microsoft Cloud applications. Our Managed Cloud Services provide expert support to ensure that you are using your Microsoft application effectively by providing help desk support, dedicated account management, reporting, monitoring, training, and more. 

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Ways to use Custom Pages in Model-Driven Apps

Posted by Bernie Thibeault on 08.02.22

Custom Pages are one of the latest evolution in Power Apps application options. They perfectly combine the user interface capabilities of a Canvas App with the Data-Driven processes of a Model App. Currently, there are 4 ways you may want to use a Custom Page in your application.

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When to Choose a Custom Page or Embedded Canvas App

Posted by Bernie Thibeault on 07.28.22

Custom Pages bridge the gap between Model and Canvas Apps, but to really use either to the best of their abilities you should be combining their features for the right use cases.

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Business Applications You Need To Implement Today

Posted by Dave Fisher on 07.27.22

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Features to Look Forward to in 2022 Power Platform Release Wave 2

Posted by Bernie Thibeault on 07.26.22

Power Platform and Dynamics 365 Release Notes were published last week. Here are some of the highlights to look forward to as they start rolling out soon!

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