Outlook Mail Apps – Communicating with SharePoint Online

Posted by Gary Levine on 04.10.15

While Mail Apps can use Ajax and SharePoint has REST endpoints this will not work because it violates Cross Site Security

The Solution: use a Generic Handler

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SharePoint Fields: Name, StaticName and DisplayName

Posted by Dave Fisher on 02.02.15

Recently I had been working on a SharePoint provider-hosted app which required me to create an abundance of SharePoint site columns and content types. As I was building them out I realized so many attributes that a developer has access to. When building columns in Visual Studio, you have much more control and flexibilty when editing properties of the SharePoint column. Below is an example of a Multi-lookup site column called ResidentAsset. A few of those attributes look very similar don't they? Name, DisplayName, StaticName. You  may ask what the difference between these attributes are.

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Topics: SharePoint, Troubleshooting

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