Staying Safe in the Cloud - Is Your Data Secure?

Posted by Dave Fisher on 05.30.18

Tailor Security to Business Needs

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The Future of Intranets is Here!

Posted by Dave Fisher on 10.21.15

It’s any consultant’s job to build or recommend solutions that are extensible and compatible with future releases and evolving technology. While it’s not always black and white, some of the publicized information regarding SharePoint 2016 has me more confident than ever that the intranet of the future is already here. If you Google SharePoint 2016 you’ll find at least one article with the word ‘Hybrid’ in the title. Microsoft appears (rightfully so) to be pushing to make hybrid deployments easier and 2016 will provide an improved experience. I won’t go into the details since there are a million articles available already, but this does help shed some light on the intranet of the future.

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Is OneDrive for Business Replacing SharePoint Lists?

Posted by Dave Fisher on 09.08.15

It should be no surprise that Microsoft is pushing OneDrive for Business as the central location for users to store their documents. As a part of Office 365, OneDrive for Business lets you update and share files in the cloud. The benefit is obvious, you can always access your files no matter where you are. Storing your files in the cloud, replaces the threat of losing your files if something happened to your file system on your computer.

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Why Don't You Like Microsoft?

Posted by Dave Fisher on 06.16.15

I know this is old news, but I’ve recently rediscovered how much end users dislike Microsoft. I spend a lot of time at client’s offices and there is always a contrarian who suggests that Google Docs is a much better approach than SharePoint. Or Mac guy speaks up to make sure you aren’t swapping out his iPad for a stupid Surface!

If it were high school Apple would be Slater, Google would be Zack, and Microsoft would be Screech. Apple is so cool and Google is so easy to get along with but when you get stuck on your homework who do you call?

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SharePoint Hosted App - Using REST in a Workflow

Posted by Dave Fisher on 03.04.15

The Scenario

I’ve been working on a SharePoint hosted app that requires a daily workflow to run to count the number of vacant and occupied homes in each building and create a list item for each day. From there we can use this data to create occupancy charts and graphs with chartJS or Power BI but first thing’s first, I needed to write a workflow that will get me this data in a list called Occupancy Data.

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SharePoint App Model: Part 2

Posted by Dave Fisher on 12.17.14

In my last post, I discussed the introduction into SharePoint App development and why I think it’s important for SharePoint & Office 365 going forward. Any technology stack can hold a fair amount of criticism and while some may not fully accept the SharePoint App model right now, remember that SharePoint is a rapidly expanding framework and I think we’ll start to see advancements in the “App Model” going forward.

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The Cloud: Is it Right For You?

Posted by Dave Fisher on 10.31.14

One of the biggest information systems decisions today for any company or organization is whether to run computing technology and store digital assets with an off-premise system, such as The Cloud.

The idea of The Cloud depends on making tools and information available to all authorized users anywhere with an internet connection. This idea isstill a little scary to some people yet enticing to those prefer to minimize their role and long-term financial investment by delegating the job to experts in hardware maintenance and security.


No one asked us, but we wonder if the term “vault” would feel more secure than “cloud.

Simply put, if you are using the Cloud, you are hosting your organization’s data and computing tools on a server that is not on your physical site under your direct physical responsibilitybut the resources are always accessible through the Internet.

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Public Cloud versus Private Cloud

Posted by Dave Fisher on 10.31.14

It used to be that you put SharePoint and all your data on your own server at a physical site you control, but the shift to The Cloud has broadened options.

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