How an Intranet Can Help You Retain Employees

Posted by Dave Fisher on 09.12.16


Your employees are planning their exit interview. Right now.

You know it’s true. At this very moment someone on your staff is withdrawing from the team, asking a manager for an unexplained schedule change, or exhibiting some other ominous sign that greener pastures are in sight.

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How to Set Goals for Your Intranet

Posted by Dave Fisher on 08.16.16

As business executives, we love to talk about goals.

We scribble them on marker boards at staff meetings, write mission statements about them, and use them to evaluate employees; yet, many companies miss the importance of setting objectives for their intranets. It’s hard to understand why.

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What to Look for in a SharePoint Consultant

Posted by Dave Fisher on 07.14.16

Hiring a SharePoint consultant is not as easy as it used to be.

There are more of us now, and each consulting company has its own spin about why they are the best at what they do.

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What is the ROI of a SharePoint Intranet?

Posted by Dave Fisher on 06.20.16

If you’ve already researched the costs of a corporate intranet, you know it takes more than chump change to deploy one. You’ve also heard that many companies are achieving great things with them, so you might be wondering what ROI to expect from SharePoint.

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"Waiting for parse to complete" in Visual Studio Lightswitch

Posted by Beau Cameron on 06.02.16

I was recently working on a Lightswitch application to integrate some SQL assets with SharePoint document libraries through a provider hosted app, and hit a snag. Anyone who has worked with Lightswitch knows the pain of using the visual designer for screen development.

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Topics: SharePoint, Visual Studio

How Long Does It Take To Build An Intranet?

Posted by Dave Fisher on 05.04.16

Whether toying with the idea an intranet for the first time or looking into a site redesign, all roads eventually lead to one burning question: How long will it take to build a new intranet?

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Intranet vs. Internet: How Are They Different?

Posted by Dave Fisher on 04.28.16

In workplaces across the globe, businesses are using intranets to improve communication, manage documents and boost efficiency, but a lot of people are still confused about what an intranet really is and how it differs from the Internet.

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How To Increase Employee Adoption Of Your Intranet

Posted by Dave Fisher on 04.14.16

“I would be so much better at my job if it wasn’t so hard to get information QUICKLY.”

How many times has an employee sat in your office and said something like this? I’ll bet if you got a nickel every time someone did you could probably buy yourself a nice steak dinner.

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Office 365 Discount Pricing - Now Available to Everyone

Posted by Dan Sonneborn on 02.01.16

The Opportunity:

At Aerie Consulting, we’re always looking for ways to make our clients more productive. And while saving money doesn’t actually make organizations more productive, who doesn’t want to save money?

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Topics: SharePoint, Office 365, Exchange, Licensing

The Future of Intranets is Here!

Posted by Josh Darragh on 10.21.15

It’s any consultant’s job to build or recommend solutions that are extensible and compatible with future releases and evolving technology. While it’s not always black and white, some of the publicized information regarding SharePoint 2016 has me more confident than ever that the intranet of the future is already here. If you Google SharePoint 2016 you’ll find at least one article with the word ‘Hybrid’ in the title. Microsoft appears (rightfully so) to be pushing to make hybrid deployments easier and 2016 will provide an improved experience. I won’t go into the details since there are a million articles available already, but this does help shed some light on the intranet of the future.

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