Managed Navigation. It's all in the Name!

Posted by Josh Darragh on 01.06.15

Managed navigation or structural navigation? Google ‘Managed’ and ‘Structural’ and look at the definitions. Manage is to be in charge of. There’s your answer. If you want flexible navigation that’s easy to manipulate and directs users to the content they need quickly, you should start researching managed navigation. Structural navigation will provide your users with a rigid path that mimics your data structure, which can work in some cases; however, most users want a fluid experience that is logical and gets them their content quickly and easily. This often fails to align well with the data structure, especially when related data is scattered amongst various sites.

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Does Microsoft's SharePoint Recovery Plan Keep Your Data Secure?

Posted by Josh Darragh on 12.15.14

Microsoft has multiple layers of redundancy and backups of your information at their datacenters. SharePoint data is backed up every 12 hours and retained for 14 days. Microsoft has a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of 45 minutes and a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of 2 hours. Meaning if there is a disaster at a datacenter that requires a failover to a secondary datacenter, you will have SharePoint Online available again within 2 hours with a copy of your data that is less than or equal to 45 minutes old at the time of service disruption.

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Topics: SharePoint, SharePoint Online

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