Diagnosing Changes with the Modern SharePoint Page Version History

Posted by Dave Fisher on 03.19.20

If you love SharePoint, then you already know about its rich document and information management capabilities. Version history is a feature of SharePoint that is extremely powerful if you need to look back in history at the changes of an item. This works great if you are working with list items only, as you can see how the fields have changed on a specific item over time. For documents and pages, SharePoint version history is unable to show us exactly what has changed within those pages.

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Rendering multi-value Choice fields vertically using JSON Column Formatting

Posted by Dave Fisher on 02.21.20

Recently I was working on some formatting with SharePoint lists and I found a really cool feature of Column Formatting that many users may not know about. If you need a refresher on Column Formatting in SharePoint, have a look here.

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How to Link to a Planner Task Using Microsoft Flow

Posted by Dave Fisher on 09.07.18

Microsoft Flow and Microsoft Planner are both relatively new technologies in the world of Office 365. If you've spent some time with the Microsoft Planner connector, you may have noticed there are some pieces of functionality that are missing. After looking in the support forums, I found that a lot of people have been looking to use Flow to direct link to a Planner task (similar to when you get the over due notifications out of the box). There is a lot of confusion about having to use the Group ID to link to a task, but in fact there is another way. The method proposed below is similar to what is used in the SharePoint Starter Kit personal tasks web part. With this in mind, here is a method I use to direct link to a planner task in flow.

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How Much Does An Intranet Cost?

Posted by Dave Fisher on 07.12.18

You’ve researched the benefits and decided it’s time to get down to brass tacks: What does a company intranet cost?

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The Future of Intranets is Here!

Posted by Dave Fisher on 10.21.15

It’s any consultant’s job to build or recommend solutions that are extensible and compatible with future releases and evolving technology. While it’s not always black and white, some of the publicized information regarding SharePoint 2016 has me more confident than ever that the intranet of the future is already here. If you Google SharePoint 2016 you’ll find at least one article with the word ‘Hybrid’ in the title. Microsoft appears (rightfully so) to be pushing to make hybrid deployments easier and 2016 will provide an improved experience. I won’t go into the details since there are a million articles available already, but this does help shed some light on the intranet of the future.

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Outlook Mail Apps – Communicating with SharePoint Online

Posted by Gary Levine on 04.10.15

While Mail Apps can use Ajax and SharePoint has REST endpoints this will not work because it violates Cross Site Security

The Solution: use a Generic Handler

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Using SharePoint Online as an Extranet

Posted by Dave Fisher on 04.08.15

This is a specifically referring to SharePoint Online as a part of Office 365.

When you are working on projects involving people from outside of your organization, there is a place to use SharePoint Online as collaboration tool. The caveat is all users need to have either Microsoft Account or Organizational Account.

Here is how you can setup an extranet:

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SharePoint Hosted App - Using REST in a Workflow

Posted by Dave Fisher on 03.04.15

The Scenario

I’ve been working on a SharePoint hosted app that requires a daily workflow to run to count the number of vacant and occupied homes in each building and create a list item for each day. From there we can use this data to create occupancy charts and graphs with chartJS or Power BI but first thing’s first, I needed to write a workflow that will get me this data in a list called Occupancy Data.

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Search & Display Events in SharePoint 2013 Using a CSWP & FullCalendar

Posted by Dave Fisher on 01.16.15

Why Am I Doing This?

A few months ago we had Mark Rackley, commonly known as the SharePoint Hillbilly, to our office for a visit and presentation. During the presentation he walked through his usage of FullCalendar.js which prompted me to think (aloud), couldn’t we use that js file to build a display template that searches for content and renders the results in a calendar format? His response was something along the lines of “good idea, I’ll race you!”

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SharePoint App Model Part: Part 3

Posted by Dave Fisher on 01.08.15

So far we’ve covered what the SharePoint App Model is and why it exists, the pros and cons of the “App Model” and the different way to authenticate using SharePoint Apps. In this part of my SharePoint App series, I’m going to be talking to you about the three different ways we can develop SharePoint Apps.

We can build SharePoint Apps in different shapes and sizes. The three different “shapes” a SharePoint App can take are Full Page, App Parts and Custom UI Actions.

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