How Long Does It Take To Build An Intranet?

Posted by Dave Fisher on 05.04.16

Whether toying with the idea an intranet for the first time or looking into a site redesign, all roads eventually lead to one burning question: How long will it take to build a new intranet?

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Topics: SharePoint, SharePoint Intranets

Intranet vs. Internet: How Are They Different?

Posted by Dave Fisher on 04.28.16

In workplaces across the globe, businesses are using intranets to improve communication, manage documents and boost efficiency, but a lot of people are still confused about what an intranet really is and how it differs from the Internet.

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How To Increase Employee Adoption Of Your Intranet

Posted by Dave Fisher on 04.14.16

“I would be so much better at my job if it wasn’t so hard to get information QUICKLY.”

How many times has an employee sat in your office and said something like this? I’ll bet if you got a nickel every time someone did you could probably buy yourself a nice steak dinner.

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Why Your SharePoint Project Should Start With Functional Requirements

Posted by Dave Fisher on 10.31.14

You've got a great idea. You know enough about SharePoint to know it's the right solution to a problem that's been lingering for months. In fact, you've been thinking about how to implement it and garner buy-in from other people to support your endeavor. The technical team is on board, and you're pretty sure department leads will be all for it. 

So let's create some sites and document libraries and run a prototype by stakeholders, right? Actually, let's not. Let's talk about what Functional Requirements are, and why they might just save your skin at the end of the day.

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Topics: SharePoint, Information Architecture, SharePoint Intranets

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