SharePoint App Model Part: Part 3

Posted by Beau Cameron on 01.08.15

So far we’ve covered what the SharePoint App Model is and why it exists, the pros and cons of the “App Model” and the different way to authenticate using SharePoint Apps. In this part of my SharePoint App series, I’m going to be talking to you about the three different ways we can develop SharePoint Apps.

We can build SharePoint Apps in different shapes and sizes. The three different “shapes” a SharePoint App can take are Full Page, App Parts and Custom UI Actions.

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5 Ways SharePoint Display Templates are like Shakira

Posted by Dominggus Paliling on 12.05.14

You've probably heard this comparison a thousand times, but SharePoint Display Templates are just like Shakira. Here's why:

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Topics: SharePoint, Information Architecture, SharePoint 2013

Office 365 DLP is coming Q1 2015

Posted by Dan Sonneborn on 11.24.14

Last month Microsoft announced some sweet changes that will enable Data Loss Prevention (DLP) features within SharePoint Online and OneDrive. Available in the first quarter of 2015, this advanced toolset is yet another sign that Microsoft is no longer targeting just small and medium sized business for the Office 365 platform. The move to integrate Data Loss Prevention strategies into SharePoint and OneDrive means there's now a consistent and unified approach to managing DLP across all Office 365 storage units. Shobhit Sahay does a great Channel 9 video on this topic here.

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Why SharePoint 2013 Search Based Intranets Aren't What you Think

Posted by Dan Sonneborn on 11.18.14

Okay. If you've heard of SharePoint 2013, you've probably heard that one of its greatest improvements over SharePoint 2010 is Search. But, here's the thing. Most people I run into don't know what that means. I can't tell you how many people I've talked to that just assume SharePoint 2013 has a better search engine than it used to. That's true, but not what differentiates the platform from others. SharePoint Intranet design isn't what it used to be, and here's why…

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Is InfoPath Really Dead?

Posted by Beau Cameron on 10.31.14

2014 was a big year for SharePoint in the world of forms—Microsoft chose to drop support for InfoPath forms. For years SharePoint developers, users and IT Admins used InfoPath as a means for creating clean and intuitive forms to replace out of the box SharePoint forms. In this post, we’ll explore what the future holds for form development in the absence of InfoPath.

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Topics: SharePoint, Office 365, Visual Studio, SharePoint 2013

Beautifying Your Data With ChartJS

Posted by Beau Cameron on 10.31.14

Visualizing data in SharePoint Apps is simple when combining SharePoint 2013 REST API and ChartJS is a JavaScript library that uses HTML5 canvas to turn your boring old SharePoint data into beautiful and animated charts and graphs.

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