3 Office 365 Security Protections You’re Probably Not Using

Posted by Dan Sonneborn on 06.13.16

With an unprecedented number of organizations moving to Office 365 and Azure, more and more questions about the security of Microsoft cloud solutions are coming to the forefront.

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Pros and Cons of Office 365

Posted by Dave Fisher on 05.31.16


At this stage of the game, chances are good you’ve heard of Office 365.

Despite the widespread publicity surrounding Microsoft’s signature platform, many people still don’t know what it is and what it’s good for.

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Office 365 Discount Pricing - Now Available to Everyone

Posted by Dan Sonneborn on 02.01.16

The Opportunity:

At Aerie Consulting, we’re always looking for ways to make our clients more productive. And while saving money doesn’t actually make organizations more productive, who doesn’t want to save money?

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SP.AnyForm.js - LITE

Posted by Beau Cameron on 01.19.16

Happy New Year!

It's been a while since I've been able to update everyone on the status of the SP.AnyForm library. I apologize that I haven't spent enough time finishing up the last touches on the library for public use. With that being said, I wanted to get a version out the public as soon as possible in the mean time. In the next couple weeks I will be releasing a version of SP.AnyForm.js (LITE), followed by a more robust library (FULL) soon there after.

My reason for turning it into two libraries? Beacuase the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, and this is a great step one. But I have had a TON of interest in the library and I owe it to everyone who has supported me thus far to get a sample in their hands. 

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The Future of Intranets is Here!

Posted by Josh Darragh on 10.21.15

It’s any consultant’s job to build or recommend solutions that are extensible and compatible with future releases and evolving technology. While it’s not always black and white, some of the publicized information regarding SharePoint 2016 has me more confident than ever that the intranet of the future is already here. If you Google SharePoint 2016 you’ll find at least one article with the word ‘Hybrid’ in the title. Microsoft appears (rightfully so) to be pushing to make hybrid deployments easier and 2016 will provide an improved experience. I won’t go into the details since there are a million articles available already, but this does help shed some light on the intranet of the future.

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An Email Pattern Report You'll Actually Care About

Posted by Dominggus Paliling on 08.12.15

Office 365 delivers a great communication platform for small and medium size businesses. The Microsoft Team has made it simple to monitor email traffic in Office 365 using the Mail protection section of the Office 365 Dashboard in the Admin Center or by using the Mail Protection Reports for Office 365.

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Why Don't You Like Microsoft?

Posted by Josh Darragh on 06.16.15

I know this is old news, but I’ve recently rediscovered how much end users dislike Microsoft. I spend a lot of time at client’s offices and there is always a contrarian who suggests that Google Docs is a much better approach than SharePoint. Or Mac guy speaks up to make sure you aren’t swapping out his iPad for a stupid Surface!

If it were high school Apple would be Slater, Google would be Zack, and Microsoft would be Screech. Apple is so cool and Google is so easy to get along with but when you get stuck on your homework who do you call?

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Office 365 File Sharing Option: OneDrive for Business

Posted by Dominggus Paliling on 06.03.15

OneDrive for Business (ODFB) as part of Office 365 offers the option to store and share documents with users inside and outside of your organization effectively.

Features such as version history, document co-authoring, and workflows with SharePoint Designer, make it attractive to users. That being the case, many users often ask "when should we use ODFB, SharePoint or OWA to share documents?"

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Duplicate Display Templates Showing up in Available Templates List

Posted by Beau Cameron on 05.12.15

Recently I had been working on a new mechanism to deploy pre-built Content Search WebParts into new Office 365 tenant environments. The process included pre-creating a handful of display templates and then creating a Provider-hosed app to provision all the new display templates into the Master Gallery. Once I did this and used the Client Object model to create these files in the new environment, I started plugging away at building my pages and I noticed something strange. All of my deployed display templates were showing up twice in the available templates list!

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Topics: Office 365, Content Search Web Parts

Outlook Mail Apps – Communicating with SharePoint Online

Posted by Gary Levine on 04.10.15

While Mail Apps can use Ajax and SharePoint has REST endpoints this will not work because it violates Cross Site Security

The Solution: use a Generic Handler

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