Debug Modern Web Parts using Maintenance Mode

Posted by Beau Cameron on 12.13.17

Did you know modern SharePoint has a maintenance page for modern web parts?  That's right!  Have you ever had a need to figure out what versions of front end frameworks your modern SPFx web parts use or find specific internal properties of your web parts? In this post I am going to show you a surprisingly uncommon (many devs aren't aware this exists) feature built into modern SharePoint web parts! 


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Topics: Office 365, SharePoint Framework

How SharePoint and Office 365 Reduce Email Clutter

Posted by Dave Fisher on 12.05.17

Have you ever looked at a string of emails and said to yourself, “This should’ve been a phone call?” 

Of course, you have. We all have.

Over-reliance on email has become a real problem in the workplace. We’ve somehow decided it’s socially acceptable to have real-time conversations there, and the result is not good. We get a bloated inbox where important information is hard to find, and we spend hours every week trying to manage it all.   

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Topics: SharePoint, Office 365, Corporate Intranet

How Dynamics 365 Boosts Sales Performance

Posted by Dave Fisher on 11.16.17

Do you really need salespeople today?

Think about that for a moment.

When buyers need something, they jump online and start researching. When they need a referral, they ask a friend or colleague. When they are ready to make a purchase – and your brand is on the short list of contenders – you will hear from them.

That’s how empowered today’s customer is.

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Column Formatting or SPFx Extensions in SharePoint

Posted by Beau Cameron on 11.09.17


Column formatting is nothing new in SharePoint. For years, citizen developers have greatly improved the standard List and Library UI provided by SharePoint, by injecting HTML into SharePoint item fields. It was a way to augment the views and provide some very visually appealing KPI indicators above and beyond out of the box. However, throughout the years the methods and practices for implementing this has changed over and over. No surprise that the new "modern" SharePoint interface has brought about a couple new methods as well in the form of "Column Formatting" and "SharePoint Framework Extensions".

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Aerie Consulting Now Has a Microsoft MVP

Posted by Dave Fisher on 11.03.17

Every team needs an MVP, and Aerie Consulting has one that just earned high accolades from Microsoft.

Beau Cameron, our solutions engineer who manages Aerie’s offices in Boulder, Colorado, has won Microsoft’s prestigious MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award for outstanding work in the “Office Servers and Services” category. This award puts him in the ranks of an elite group of true experts in the Microsoft community.

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Signs Your Company is Using the Wrong CRM

Posted by Dave Fisher on 09.26.17

Remember when your corporate CRM was used only for improving the customer experience?

You should. It wasn’t that long ago. 

Even though they are still the backbone of a lean, efficient service and sales operation, CRMs can and should do much more for your organization.

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Surface on-premise data in Office365 using ADAL.js, WebAPI and Azure AD

Posted by Beau Cameron on 09.07.17


SharePoint Framework is the new development model proposed by Microsoft to build webparts in modern SharePoint. One question I see alot is, "What about SharePoint Add-Ins? Are they gone?".

For those of you who do not know what a SharePoint Add-In was a new development model for SharePoint 2013 which was meant to replace farm solutions within SharePoint. You can find more information about the SharePoint Add-In Model here (used to be called "SharePoint App Model".

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Topics: Office 365, SharePoint 2013, JavaScript, Development

SPFx Field Customizers will not debug or load

Posted by Beau Cameron on 08.03.17


Field Customizers are the latest and greatest feature to be provide within the new SharePoint Framework. If you are like me, you immediately opened up command prompt and VS Code, grabbed the new Yeoman template and started testing them out!

The logical starting place would be going to the MS Docs for SPFx Field Customizers. If you go through the tutorial, it's pretty straight forward. However, unlike SPFx webparts, you cannot debug these field customizers locally. You actually have to create a site and pass a url similar to this.{"Percent":{"id":"0e3d8b71-56aa-4405-9225-f08a80fc1d71","properties":{"sampleText":"Hello!"}}}

You'll notice a couple parameters. The first being loadSPFX=true, this is because the SharePoint framework isn't loaded by default. The second is a location to your localhost manifest.js file which is running on your local machine when you use gulp serve --nobrowser.

Now, you are so excited you breeze through the Microsoft Docs but there is one thing you notice... it says

"Append the following query string parameters to the URL. Notice that you will need to update the id to match your own extension identifier available from the HelloWorldFieldCustomizer.manifest.json file:

Navigate to your manifest.json file and grab the ID and pass it in your query string parameters where it says fieldCustomizers=...., and replace the ID with the ID from your manifest file.

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Replace the boring Default User Photo in SharePoint with Avatars!

Posted by Beau Cameron on 07.24.17


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Office 365 CDN - First Impressions

Posted by Beau Cameron on 07.14.17

This year Microsoft introduced General Availability for Office 365 CDNs. After spending some time working with them and figuring out how they work, I wanted to give my first impressions on the pros and cons of using them.

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