Head in the (Microsoft) Clouds: Understanding the Most Trusted Cloud Platforms

Posted by Brooke Appe on 11.28.22

Dissecting the uses for Microsoft Dynamics, Azure, and 365 so you can make the best cloud-based decisions for your business.

Whether you love diving into the latest and greatest technologies, or simply want to ensure your company has business applications that are easy to use and reliable, one thing is for certain: cloud-based platforms are the way of the future. Making use of these platforms can help improve productivity, enhance communication, and streamline tasks like never before in our increasingly connected world.   

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Signs your Team is Ready for Managed Cloud Services

Posted by Brooke Appe on 10.18.22

The truth of the matter for businesses of any size is this: change is difficult. Whether you are growing, downsizing, or simply adjusting to the way the world works, it can be challenging to integrate new protocols and processes into your daily operations. But you don’t have to keep up with the constant change of technology alone.  

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How to Know Your Company is Ready for Managed Cloud Services

Posted by Dave Fisher on 08.05.22

For most business owners, your days are filled with ensuring your customers are happy, maximizing growth, and promoting your bottom line. That leaves little time (or mental space) for ensuring you are getting the most out of your Microsoft Cloud applications. Our Managed Cloud Services provide expert support to ensure that you are using your Microsoft application effectively by providing help desk support, dedicated account management, reporting, monitoring, training, and more. 

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How to Maximize Productivity in 3 Easy Steps

Posted by Dave Fisher on 07.19.22

Work smarter, not harder!” is the battle cry of so many decision-makers in the business world. But when it comes to productivity, it can be difficult to understand how to make this mantra a reality. At Aerie Consulting, our goal is to help you maximize productivity by ensuring your business applications and workflows are as efficient as possible. (It’s our way of helping you work smarter!) 

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