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Posted by Beau Cameron on 07.12.16

There comes a time in every developer's life to make the decision whether or not a piece of software is "good enough" for public consumption. However, I've come to the realization that SPAnyForm-lite will never truly be finished, as it will continue to evolve over time. So here it is!

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New Forms Framework for SharePoint with SPAnyForm.js

Posted by Beau Cameron on 10.30.15

For the past year, I've been developing a product in hopes to change the way we add content into SharePoint. 

The Problem:

SharePoint has no good form solution out of the box. Plain and simple.

Majority of form frameworks, especially thoses centered around JavaScript and HTML 5 have a learning curve and often times the framework only handles the data submission between form and SharePoint. This requires a developer to actually build an HTML form and use HTML-5 data-attributes to map to SharePoint fields.

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SharePoint and Sitecore: Together? 

Posted by Beau Cameron on 09.14.15

Anyone familiar with our company is probably wondering why I am writing a blog post about Sitecore. My question is why not? 

A little history: I'm a MCP in SharePoint, a certified Sitecore 7 developer and have been working on both platforms for the past 5 years. I enjoy working in both and am passionate about finding the best tool for any job. I find both platforms/ services to be very good at what they do and I figured it would be interesting enough to talk about!

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SharePoint Error: Sorry, you don't have access to this page.

Posted by Dominggus Paliling on 06.30.15

If you have activated SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure (Site Settings > Site Collection Features) and SharePoint Server Publishing (Site Settings > Manage Site Features) and are still getting this SharePoint error - 

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Resolving SharePoint Error:The remote server returned an unexpected response: (405) Method Not Allowed.

Posted by Beau Cameron on 06.19.15


While developing a SharePoint Provider-hosted app, chances are you have come across this error " Error occurred in deployment step 'Install app for SharePoint': The remote server returned an unexpected response: (405) Method Not Allowed."  At first you probably think, oh the deployment was just a little tempermental... I'll try it again. Come to find out, it happens over and over and over again. Luckily, the problem isn't all that complicated.

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UPDATE! Using REST to set a multi-value Managed Metadata  Field in SharePoint

Posted by Beau Cameron on 05.29.15

In a previous post I wrote, I showed you how to update a taxonomy field using REST even when Microsoft says you must use the CSOM/JSOM to update these fields! Well I can't take "No" for an answer...

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Promoted Links on Steroids With MetroJS

Posted by Josh Darragh on 04.20.15

If you've read any of my blogs you know I've been focusing a lot of attention on search-based intranets, content search web parts, and display templates. You can read Dan Sonneborn's blog, Why SharePoint 2013 Search Based Intranets Aren't What you Think, for more information about search-based intranets or my blog, Content Search Web Part: Custom Display Templates, for more information on CSWPs. Today I want to focus on MetroJs and how you can integrate it into CSWPs to make your links much more attractive and fun.

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Signature Field for SharePoint Lists

Posted by Gary Levine on 03.24.15

Adding a signature field to a SharePoint list is a great way to verify user input to a list especially in environments with shared-access kiosks or devices. They are especially useful for tablets. Once the framework is in place they are relatively easy to implement on list or library forms.

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Using REST to update a Managed Metadata column in SharePoint!

Posted by Beau Cameron on 03.23.15

As a front-end developer I much prefer working with native JSON and using REST. I find the SharePoint Client Object Model (JSOM) to be a bit clunky and complicated to use. Recently I was working on a project where I had a custom form and I needed to update a Managed Metadata Field on a new document that was being uploaded. Everywhere you look on the web says... "Microsoft does not support updating Taxonomy Fields using REST". -- and while this is completely true from Microsofts point of view, there is a way you can use REST to update a Taxonomy Field. Caveat - This only works with single value Managed Metadata fields. You cannot use this method to update Multi-Value Managed Metadata fields, however you can use this one.

Lets assume I already uploaded a file in a previous method call and then I used REST to retrieve that file, to then update the Metadata (as you cannot update Metadata in the upload REST call). 

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Augmenting SharePoint Image Field

Posted by Beau Cameron on 03.13.15

For a while now I've been meaning to write a blog post about the SharePoint Image field. For those who don't know, without publishing turned on, the only way to add an image to an item in SharePoint is by using the Image field. However the name can be a bit misconceiving for someone who hasn't used it before... because it really just holds the url to an image and displays the image when in a SharePoint view. My gripe with the Image field isn't with how it renders an image but why SharePoint didn't provide a way to search for an image to add to an item like they did for the "Publishing Image Field". The only way to connect an image to an item without publishing is to find the URL of an item and past it into the Image URL field. Well what happens if the image isn't in SharePoint yet and you want to upload an image and add it to a library at the same time? Well, that is exactly what you have to do. You must go to the Image library and add your image and then traverse back to the list item for which you wanted to add link that image. Well I have come up with a solution to this scenario.

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