Grow Your Job Skills with Microsoft's Viva Learning

Posted by Dave Fisher on 12.21.21

Take advantage of Microsoft’s unified learning platform for teams, Viva Learning. It allows employees to effortlessly integrate learning into their day-to-day workflows.

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Get your Power Apps solution up quickly amidst the COVID-19 crisis

Posted by Bernie Thibeault on 06.02.20

Power Apps has shortened the development life cycle of many projects due to the quickness with which you can get connections to your data up and running, no matter where it's stored. But that doesn’t mean you should throw typical software development processes to the wayside when building your apps.

We've recently helped our clients build applications quickly during these times to communicate crisis management news and updates, report on resource utilization, and facilitate work from home solutions.

If you are starting build or in the process of evaluating your next need, keep these important steps and milestones in mind when building your next app, whether it’s a Crisis Management app, or the Sales App that has been in the backlog since before Covid-19 happened.

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Create Modern Sharepoint site templates using Office 365 Site Designs

Posted by Dave Fisher on 01.12.18

One of the biggest questions I see is, "How do we create site templates using Office 365 groups?". It is no surprise that site templates were one of the most widely used features in previous versions of SharePoint. Site templates give site owners and SharePoint admins a way to incorporate some governance into the creation of team sites and expedite the creation process. However, this out-of-the-box functionality, until recently wasn't available for new modern sites.  In this blog, we'll step through creating our own using an Office 365 group.

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Clippy365 - Your Office 365 assistant is back

Posted by Dave Fisher on 12.08.17


It's true. Clippy is back! I've come to find that there are three types of people when it comes to opinions of our favorite Microsoft Office productivity friend. The first type of person is "oh no, please don't!". The second type of person is "Wow, this is great! Very retro!". Followed up by the people who are too young to even know who Clippy is. 

Well it's 2017 and it's about time he came back to our Microsoft products. A few months ago, a friend tempted me to incorporate Clippy into a SharePoint Framework application customizer. It didn't take long before I found a Clippyjs Library online. This was quite fantastic and it even lets you configure multiple agents, I fell in love.

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Augment People Fields using Column Formatting in SharePoint

Posted by Dave Fisher on 11.13.17


Column Formatting is a new feature that is rolling out into first release tenants in Office 365. Column Formatting provides a new way for users to format the physical appearance of columns within a SharePoint List. To learn more about column formatting, please follow this post.

In this blog post, I am going to show you a very cool way to improve the out of the box column formatting for person/group fields in SharePoint

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The best SharePoint updates from Microsoft Ignite

Posted by Dave Fisher on 09.26.17

In case you've missed it, I've been at Microsoft Ignite this week in Orlando. The sessions so far have been incredible, with lots of new updates for Azure, SharePoint, Office365 and more. This morning, I attended a SharePoint session by Jeff Teper. It was so good, I had to immediate get to the blog and start writing.

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How to embed a PDF in a modern SharePoint page

Posted by Dave Fisher on 09.15.17


"This website doesn't support embedding using just the address. Try pasting the embed code instead. If it's important to embed from this site using just the address, please send us feedback."

If you've just started using modern SharePoint you may find you want to embed PDFs on a page. Document embedding is quite easy, all you have to do is use the Document webpart and add a link to your file. However, you'll quickly find that does not support PDFs. However, if you try to add it using the Embed webpart, you may have come across this error above. In this post, I am going to show you how to overcome this issue and successfully add a PDF to a modern SharePoint page.

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Surface on-premise data in Office365 using ADAL.js, WebAPI and Azure AD

Posted by Dave Fisher on 09.07.17


SharePoint Framework is the new development model proposed by Microsoft to build webparts in modern SharePoint. One question I see alot is, "What about SharePoint Add-Ins? Are they gone?".

For those of you who do not know what a SharePoint Add-In was a new development model for SharePoint 2013 which was meant to replace farm solutions within SharePoint. You can find more information about the SharePoint Add-In Model here (used to be called "SharePoint App Model".

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Augment SharePoint list view People field with SPFx Field Customizers

Posted by Dave Fisher on 08.08.17


Welcome back to another series of "beau experiments with SharePoint Field Customizers". If you saw my last post you'd see that I have been experimenting with SharePoint Framework Field Customizers (in preview). In this tutorial I wanted to augment the OOTB person field by rendering more relevant content about the user specified on the list item.

Here is the end result of this tutorial.

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Building Multilingual SharePoint views using SPFx Field Customizers

Posted by Dave Fisher on 08.08.17

I swear, exploration always gets the best of me. I've been using the SharePoint Framework for some time now and I always try to figure out cool things I can build with it. I've been really enjoying figuring out how I can replace existing JSLink implementations with the new SharePoint Extension framework.

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