Power BI Features for Data Reporting and Data Visualization

Posted by Dave Fisher on 02.12.22

Buried somewhere in the avalanche of data that your organization is generating and reporting each day are the surprising insights and hidden patterns that should be informing your next key decision.

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Topics: Power BI, Microsoft, data management

How CFOs Can Improve Data Reporting With Power BI

Posted by Bernie Thibeault on 11.23.21

Data collection is riddled with inefficiencies, and data reporting and forecasting—which actually helps the right people make decisions—is often difficult to accomplish.

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Topics: Power BI, Microsoft, data management

What to Look for in an Equipment Tracking System

Posted by Bernie Thibeault on 11.04.21

The days of tracking your company’s equipment with clipboards on a wall in the main office are long gone. If you’re still keeping track of your equipment with a sign-out system showing the location of a specific asset, there’s a good chance you’re missing routine maintenance or other issues that arise. 

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Topics: data management, Power Apps, equipment tracking system

Create a Microsoft Power App to track inventory or equipment

Posted by Brooke Fleming on 05.08.20

Power Apps is an incredible tool allowing you to rapidly build low-code apps quickly and easily. In this demo, I will show you how to build an equipment tracking solution with SharePoint lists as a data source and a Power App user interface for ease of use on mobile devices.

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Topics: SharePoint, data management, Power Apps, Power Platform

5 Ways to Make Manufacturers More Productive

Posted by Dave Fisher on 11.13.18

You may think you've addressed and eliminated all of the major inefficiencies on your manufacturing floor but as technology evolves, if you're not re-evaluating opportunities to drive manufacturing quality and volume on an ongoing basis, you may be at a weakness to competitors who are.  

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Topics: manufacturing, data management, Digital Transformation

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