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The Most Popular Questions our Managed Cloud Help Desk is Asked

It’s no secret! Managed cloud services have a lot of capabilities, (and with it comes a lot to learn!) Whether you are familiar with managed cloud services that help your team utilize Microsoft products or are just starting to dig into what applications maximize productivity at your firm, our goal is to increase your awareness of what these products can do for you. 


We asked our Help Desk the top questions they get asked surrounding Microsoft applications, and listed them below. It's a sneak peek into our professional managed cloud services, and could be your first step into a whole world of understanding how the right tools can help accomplish your unique goals.  

“How do I Manage SharePoint Permissions?” 

SharePoint_(2019–present).svgOne of the best things SharePoint has to offer is the ease with which it allows users to collaborate on shared material. However, Microsoft is keenly aware that not everyone in your organization needs access to all of the documentation within SharePoint. That’s why they make it easy to pick and choose who has access to each file.  

Administrators or owners of documents can customize permissions and who has access to each document. The steps to edit permissions are as follows: 

  1. Access the page you wish to share 
  2. Select “settings”, then “list settings” 
  3. Click “permissions” then “permissions for this document” or “permissions for this document library.” 

For surveys within SharePoint, the process follows a similar workflow: 

  1. Access survey 
  2. Select “Survey Settings” 
  3. Select “Permissions and Management,” then select “Permissions for this survey.” 

That’s it! Keep track of who sees what page and keep your information secure, confidential, and easy to manage. 

“How do I perform a Document Audit? (And why would I want to?)”

Document audits are a powerful feature that allows you to see who has opened, deleted, or edited a file. You may also be familiar with the phrase “version history” which shows you who made what changes (and when!) Here’s how to do it: 

  1.  Open the document or library where you would like to track the version history 
  2. Right-click, and select “Version History.” 
  3. This will allow you to see WHO modified the document, at what time, and the changes that were made. 
  4. You will also receive the option to “Restore,” “Delete,” or “View” a prior version of this document! 

Keep in mind an additional feature that may be beneficial for some institutions are audit log reports. These are audits for site collections, and allow managers to see who has taken what action on different sites, including changes in permissions, edited items, search queries, and more. 

“How do I use Microsoft Purview for auditing search?” 

The audit log search tool in the Microsoft Purview compliance portal is an incredible resource for tracking down a specific situation or scenario (ex. “Did employee X view a certain document?” or  “Did Manager Y rid his inbox of certain email?”) All of these actions are kept in retained in your organization's unified audit log, and Microsoft has made it simple to track them down in three easy steps: 

  1. Run an audit log search where you specify the criteria you are looking for (dates, users, folders, etc.)  
  2. View search result 
  3. Export to CSV! 

That’s it! All of the data you need is right at your fingertips. 

Managed Cloud Services to Support Your Growing Firm 

Let’s face it, doing the leg work and tracking down the answers to your business needs works for some, but eventually, having a managed cloud service professional at your fingertips will save you time and money! If you are interested in learning more about what it looks like to work with our managed cloud services from a foundation, advanced, or premier level, reach out! 

Maximizing your productivity is always our goal, and with managed cloud services, you can spend time on what matters - growing your bottom line. 




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