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Principles to Intranet Success- Part 3: Search

So far I have touched upon two vital principles of intranet success: Governance and Information Architecture. Continuing onto Part 3, I will discuss the importance of search capabilities.

Search is that crazy cousin of Information Architecture. Related but not really a descendant or a sibling. It also represents the most significant change in Intranet design since Intranets became a thing.

Search isn't just a little box in the upper right hand corner that users type into when trying to find something. Search should be a foundational element in your Intranet that can help overcome huge obstacles by surfacing content to users across data silos.


More than any other single feature, Search should be the cornerstone for determining your information architecture and user experience. If you're planning, designing or looking to buy an Intranet that isn’t search based, you’re not doing it right.

Takeaway: Use search prolifically. It will make your life easier.


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