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Gary Levine
"Programming is a lot like any other creative endeavor: you have to think creatively, out of the box and, like music, everything’s happening in time, in a sequence of events."
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Too Many Documents on Your Intranet? See How We Improved Findability.

Posted by Gary Levine on 06.14.17

Has your company become a victim of its own success with an intranet?

If documents are piling up faster than you know where to put them – you might know what I’m talking about.

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Topics: SharePoint Intranet, Corporate Intranet

Customize The Text of The Column Headers in Your SharePoint Tables

Posted by Gary Levine on 10.15.15

Content Search Web Parts and their Display Templates offer great power and flexibility for aggregating and displaying content. There are some areas where this system falls short. It would be nice, for example, to allow the end user (in this case the Page Designer) customize the text for the column headers in a table. Sure some of the column names such as “Title” are fine. Others, like AuthorOWSUSER or LastModifiedTime, could use a little help.

Here’s a little trick. 

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Topics: SharePoint, JavaScript, Tutorial

SharePoint Form Simplification - Consolidate Your Form Views

Posted by Gary Levine on 07.08.15

When creating a custom form in SharePoint Designer it is sometimes useful to change how some or all form fields display. This is especially true with complex SharePoint forms that have multiple tabs and intricate logic. Rather than doubling your efforts to create multiple forms in different modes this can be switched dynamically. The goal here is to eliminate the need to customize the dispform.aspx, newform.aspx and the editform.aspx when changing a list form. This process will help you customize a single form, and display it whether the user is in new, edit or view mode.

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Topics: SharePoint 2013, Tutorial

Outlook Mail Apps – Communicating with SharePoint Online

Posted by Gary Levine on 04.10.15

While Mail Apps can use Ajax and SharePoint has REST endpoints this will not work because it violates Cross Site Security

The Solution: use a Generic Handler

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Topics: Office 365, Troubleshooting, SharePoint Online, Outlook, Tutorial

Signature Field for SharePoint Lists

Posted by Gary Levine on 03.24.15

Adding a signature field to a SharePoint list is a great way to verify user input to a list especially in environments with shared-access kiosks or devices. They are especially useful for tablets. Once the framework is in place they are relatively easy to implement on list or library forms.

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Topics: JavaScript, Development

Drag and Drop SharePoint List

Posted by Gary Levine on 12.24.14

SharePoint, in addition to storing documents, allows you to store data in the form of “Lists” and offers various ways to interact with your data once it’s there.

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Topics: Development, SharePoint Framework

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