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Dave FisherSep 12, 20223 min read

3 Ways to Use Power BI to Help Maximize Your Bottom Line

As a decision maker at your firm, maximizing your bottom line is always the top priority. But to achieve that goal, your company is going to need to effectively analyze data and share information across departments. Microsoft Power BI is your answer. 



Microsoft’s Business Intelligence (BI) software has been used by companies for as long as computers have been in the workplace, but new advancements allow individuals to integrate data into their decision-making process better than ever before. 

Now, thanks to Power BI, you can analyze data, create clear visuals, and develop actionable steps to help your business’s internal communication and external output. Plus, Power BI software currently offers three versions of software, ranging from a free to a low-cost option, making it affordable even for small businesses! 

Read on to learn three ways your company can benefit from using Power BI today, and how our Microsoft Power BI consulting team at Aerie Consulting can help you integrate business applications like Power BI to increase efficiency and help you to maximize your bottom line.   

1. Analyze Data More Efficiently 

With the help of Microsoft’s Power BI (Business Insights), you can seamlessly bring data from different servers and databases together in one place. This allows you to compile and analyze information from all over your company and across different software platforms. Additionally, part of the Power BI data processing function is that it will help you clean up redundant values or note where missing data might exist in your file sets 


The main data sources that are used by Power BI are Excel files, CSV (comma-separated value) files, or Microsoft Cloud-based databases which can be used to compile data and information from anywhere in the company, across departments, or even across company lines. You can also use Power BI to pull data from third-party tools like Salesforce, Google Analytics, and others to ensure all necessary data that impacts decision-making is stored in one place. With one click, Power BI can help ensure your data is organized, centralized, and easy to use. 

2. Spot Trends and Patterns

Power BI is known best for its customizable dashboards and easy-access reports. Because these resources update in real-time, your team can quickly spot patterns and problems in a time-sensitive manner. This is best done through the interactive visuals created by Power BI. Your data is transformed into personalized charts and graphs that help your company more clearly talk about the data you collect daily. 

Accessible and engaging charts and graphs make it easy to spot trends that could be causing problems (or solutions!) that you were unaware of before. With a firmer grasp on these patterns, it becomes easier to make decisions that prioritize profit and enhance your bottom line. 

3. Increase Productivity 

Power BI is more than a report design technology. Through its specific focus on immediate data integration, your company not only receives accurate information across multiple channels but also improves efficiency with real-time data. You can use Power BI to instantaneously spot opportunities for growth and change, including:  

  • Optimizing business spending 
  • Identify inefficient in cross-departmental operations 
  • Maintain effective customer relationships 

 There is even an option through Power BI to make predictions for your business’s productivity, and make informed decisions that can lead to growth. Imagine how meetings and in-company conversations at your business could positively shift toward a more productive use of time with the easy-access resources of Power BI! 

Integrating Power BI with the Help of Aerie Consulting 

At Aerie Consulting, we pride ourselves on our ability to connect each team with the correct Microsoft business applications that maximize your company’s unique bottom line and set you up for efficiency, productivity, and success. Ready to learn more about how we can help bring these business applications into your company? Contact us today! 




Dave Fisher

Currently based in North Carolina, Dave Fisher, Aerie's founder, plays a variety of critical roles at Aerie, from developing new business and managing client relationships to back-end office logistics. “I try to give our team the tools and atmosphere so they can do what they do best,” he says. “I love how every project is unique — and it’s fun going to companies, learning what they do, understanding their needs and challenges, then being part of their success.”