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3 Questions to Help You Determine the Microsoft Licenses Your Company Needs

From day-to-day internal communication to marketing product development, the right Microsoft products help promote your company’s productivity, increase your bottom line, and keep your employees, processes, and systems prepared for sustainable growth. 


Microsoft products and business applications can provide an all-in-one solution for daily operations, no matter the size of your company. Our licensing optimization services at Aerie Consulting ensure you have the right licenses and applications for the right employees (without paying for services and licenses you don’t need!)  Read on to learn about the questions you should ask to ensure you have the right level of licensure for your company’s specific needs. 

“How many employees need business licenses?” 

The most important question you need to be able to answer is how many people will be using Microsoft-licensed products daily (and what Microsoft products are needed to do their job effectively!) Companies have a tendency to overpay for licenses because oftentimes employees are provided licenses they will never use or need! 

There is a spectrum of Microsoft products, each tailored for the size and function of your business, and with a little leg work, you can find the package that provides your employees with what they need, without paying for licenses that will never be used. (HINT: Unsure of how many employees need each level of licensure? Reach out! This is Aerie Consulting’s area of expertise!) 

“How many devices is each employee using?” 

Certain Microsoft products allow you to install a license across several different devices, from PCs to Macs to phones to tablets. Allowing licenses across several devices can help improve a company’s productivity no matter where you are working. (For example, your Microsoft applications can help a team work in a traditional office setting on their PC…. Or work remotely on laptops and cellular devices that can easily collaborate and share with other members of the organization.) 

We recommend taking stock of what licenses are used and what devices are permitted to use each specific license. (For sensitive content, it may be important that Microsoft Office only stays on the company-provided laptop, while chat apps are open to being installed on a cell phone.) Considering what devices your employees are using is the next crucial step for ensuring you are maximizing your licensure! 

“What are the daily functions of my company?” 

The role that Microsoft business applications will play in your company’s daily work will help you determine the level of licensing access each person will need. We recommend asking the following questions when determining which business applications are the best fit for your needs: 

  • How does our company plan to share files? 
  • How do we go about integrating a chat feature? 
  • What email service will our team be using? 
  • What other processes do we need streamlined or simplified? 

Taking stock of the IT needs at your company will help ensure you receive all of the Microsoft licenses needed to accomplish daily functions at your company. Unlike other SaaS competitors, the variety of business applications provided by Microsoft helps different members of your company communicate about and share work instantaneously through secure channels. That flexibility is why Microsoft licensing is the top choice for small businesses, government companies, and educational institutions alike. 

Licensing Optimization with Aerie Consulting 

We know that there is a lot to think about when it comes to choosing licenses that benefit your company, without leaving money on the table! At Aerie Consulting, we pride ourselves on our ability to connect each individual with the right level of Microsoft licensure, depending on their needs.  

Through our focus on the people and needs of your company, we will help guarantee you end up with the best Microsoft licensing plan for your business. Ready to learn more about how we can help? Contact us today! 




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