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Solution Engineer


"There is nothing more satisfying than finding the right

solution for the right client."


"Determined to help customers succeed. An unquenchable curiosity about tech tools. One unstoppable slap shot.” These are the oft-repeated phrases describing our Solution Engineer, Bernie Thibeault.

Bernie started his career in sales working for local retail shops while studying at the University of Vermont. He graduated with a degree in Business with a concentration in Marketing and Finance, and joined the Aerie Consulting team in the spring of 2017. Since then he has played an instrumental role with new clients, assessing their needs and finding ways our team can simplify and enhance their work.

What Bernie loves most about Office 365 is how it streamlines processes for businesses of all sizes. He says every organization is unique, but they all have the same need to get more done in less time. Dynamics 365 is the solution to do that. Bernie is a skilled listener who knows how to get beneath the surface and hone in on exactly what our clients need to get out of Dynamics 365, making him one of the most valuable additions to our team.

When he’s not busy helping customers you will find Bernie coaching high school hockey or chasing the puck around himself, reliving the days of his own legendary feats.