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Accelerated Intranet - Home Page - Standard

Home Page Features

1. Custom Style

Use your corporate brand to present the Intranet in accordance with your style guidelines.

2. Image Carousel

Communicate corporate messaging with a carousel that rotates images every 7 seconds.

3. Personalization: My Projects

Show projects that current user is a member of.

4. Personalization: My Recent Documents

Show the current user's recent documents from SharePoint, OneDrive or any other crawled data source.

5. Employee Contributed Images

Enable employees to add images with narrative from any location.

Accelerated Intranet - Team Page - Standard

Team Page Features

6. Team Information & Summary

Show information about the team to users visiting the site.

7. Team Leader Name & Presence

Show team leader with their current busy / free status.

8. Milestones

Upcoming milestones for the current team or project.

9. Popular Document

Most commonly viewed documents for this team / project.

10. Refinable Documents

All documents for this team / project with refiners showing your common terms.

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