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Accelerated Intranet - Home Page - Premium

Home Page Features

1. Profile Slider

Quickly discover other people in your organization based on skills, location, or title using search.

2. Specialty App

Display specialty content such as your stock symbol, internal corporate data or custom performance indicators.

3. Social Wall

Aggregate all your corporate social media outlets and display them in one place for users to quickly see and filter public content.

4. Video and Media Library

Show videos or images from any location.

Accelerated Intranet - TeamPage - Premium

Team Page Features

5. Chart Based Features

Show the status of the current project with quick easy to understand metrics.

6. Tasks

Show incomplete tasks with assignments and due dates for the current project.

7. Video and Media Library

Show videos or images from any location.

8. Project Timeline

Show the timeline for milestone events on the current project.

Accelerated Intranet - Project Page - Premium

Project Summary Page Features

9. Project Images with Status Indicators

Show project images with corresponding status indicators for quick status update.

10. Projects by Metadata

Show projects in grid view for easy searching, sorting, and filtering of project details.

11. Popular Documents

Show most popular and most recent documents across all projects.

12. All Projects Timeline

Show milestones across all projects on a single timeline.

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