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    Aerie Consulting delivers SharePoint & Office 365 solutions that automate information management and increase business efficiency. Best of all, we make it simple and easy!


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    Aerie delivers expert app development services for Office 365, SharePoint and web environments. Each of our apps is designed to make your job quicker and easier.


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    Aerie can be part of your team or we can support your team. Every business is different and each project is unique. We will meet your needs in a way that works best for you and your team. 


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    Our blog, written by Aerie's team of solutions engineers, provides the latest insight on Office 365 & SharePoint expertise including news, troubleshooting, advice and proven methods for business improvements.



It's not about the data. It's about the user.

Services - SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Pro Support

Pro Support

Does your SharePoint, Office 365 or Azure need help? Does your IT team need support? Our resources can augment your team to provide business value.

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Services - Web and Mobile App Development

Pro Apps

We create web and mobile apps that save your organization time and money. From simple forms to enterprise applications, find out how we deliver strategic value.

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Services - Cloud Migration Support

Cloud Solutions

If you're considering a move to the cloud, or an on-premise upgrade, leverage our experience to get you there faster.

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Services - SharePoint Intranet Design


For organizations looking to improve document management and collaboration, our Accelerated Intranet process will help you get the most from your intranet.

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Web & Mobile Apps

Aerie creates web and mobile apps that save your organization time and money.


Accelerated Intranet
Our Accelerated Intranet process is the quickest way to build your corporate intranet. Whether you require a first-time SharePoint intranet deployment or are looking to extend your intranet to a broader audience, our team can get you there quickly and efficiently.

Help Desk App - Open Tickets

Office 365 Help Desk App
Track your organizations IT support tickets and technology assets, increase insight into work performed by your IT Team, and track open support tickets.

Unily Intranet - People Directory

Unily Intranet in a Box
Unily draws on the full power of the cloud and the capabilities of Office 365, Sharepoint and Yammer to provide a united intranet solution that will grow with your organization.


Success Stories

People want to collaborate. They will if it's easy.

White Papers

Dive deep into important business topics & trends.

Underperforming sharepoint implementation

SharePoint implementations often underperform. It’s okay. Here’s what to do about it.

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accelerated business - accelerated HR

What does The Accelerated Business look like? See an example of accelerated HR.

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Office 365 Cloud Strategy

Not sure how Office 365 fits into your cloud strategy? Read this.

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SharePoint for Senior Leadership

Office 365 for Senior Leadership: What you should expect.

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