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SharePoint implementations often under perform. It’s okay. Here’s what to do about it


What does the Accelerated Busisness look like? From sales to  HR, here’s our take.


04.06.17 by Dave Fisher

The Security Benefits of Office 365 Enterprise Mobility Suite

In an increasingly mobile-centered world, business needs are changing, and so are the tools their employees use. 

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03.22.17 by Dave Fisher

Must-Have Features for Your Company Intranet

Intranets come with all kinds of bells and whistles these days. 

Want a social newsfeed? You got it. Media gallery? No problem! But as you plan your deployment, keep in mind there are a few “must-have” features every intranet should have. These components often mean the difference between a productive, dynamic portal and one that tanks.

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02.27.17 by Dave Fisher

How to Keep Your Cloud Migration from Going Over Budget

Moving your business to the cloud is like relocating your office to a new city.

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02.13.17 by Dave Fisher

How To Train Employees Using Office 365

Training is not just for newbies anymore.

The word is out. Enterprise companies that provide training to experienced employees, as well as new ones, not only enhance performance, they also improve morale, retention and compliance.

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02.07.17 by Beau Cameron

How to get list of sites created by Office 365 Groups

The introduction of Office365 groups has been mostly positive. Office365 groups provide a new way for teams to collaborate together using the integration of various Office365 tools.

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02.06.17 by Beau Cameron

Email SharePoint Groups in Visual Studio Workflow - the easy way

For any of you who are familiar with Visual Studio workflows... you love the added flexibility but you also hate the Workflow Designer and sometimes the activities aren't very clear... Recently I had been working on a workflow for a ticketing system to send emails to members of a SharePoint group.

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02.03.17 by Beau Cameron

SharePoint Document templates without Quickparts!

Anyone who is familiar with my blog will definitely know my slight obsession with SharePoint forms. First it was SPAnyForm, then it was playing around with AngularJS simple forms and now my new obsession of using these forms to generate documents based on metadata from the form or from SharePoint lists.

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01.18.17 by Dave Fisher

Why Your Employees Hate the Company Intranet


It’s enough to drive someone to the brink of madness.

Your HR Director or Communications Manager posts an important notice on the corporate intranet, only to get inundated by messages from employees asking him or her to email it.

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01.13.17 by Beau Cameron

SharePoint Framework hits Release Candidate milestone

Exciting news this week as Office Dev center has released the first release candidate version for SharePoint Framework.

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01.10.17 by Dave Fisher

How to Improve Collaboration Between IT and Marketing


IT and Marketing are like young siblings at the dinner table. They depend on each other, but you wouldn’t know it from the way they bicker.

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